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Posted on: January 2, 2011

From EnvisionsStudio2010

I recently read and was inspired by Jeff Delp’s post relating to identifying one word for 2011.  In my previous post, I discussed my journey of arriving at “my sentence” for this school year and my risk taking that has helped me grow from a rather-afraid-of-technology-integration kind of teacher into one who is blogging, having my students blog, Skyping with other teachers around the world, video editing, and engaging in e-portfolios with my class.

After reading Jeff’s post, I wondered what my “one word” would be for 2011.  It didn’t take me long to decide…

My one word for 2011 is… Believe.

Believe in myself as an individual.  Believe in myself to achieve my personal and family goals.  Set goals, work hard, and believe in myself.  Believe in myself as a mother and wife.  Believe I’m doing the best I can for my family each and every day.  Life is very busy as a working mom of two children, aged 3 and 15 months, but I believe in and cherish the time we spend together.

Believe in myself as a professional.  I am a teacher and I need to believe in pedagogy, my experience, and above all, my love for kids.  When I’m having a rough day, believe that the next day will be better.  Believe that my students know I care for them each and every day. I am also a colleague.  Believe that my ideas are important and contribute willingly.  Take risks and hopefully achieve reward.

When you believe, all things are possible.  Do you believe?

What is your one word for 2011?


4 Responses to "Believe"

In my experience, I have learned that “believing” is huge but not enough. If you only believe, without the work ethic beforehand, you will not see the results you intend. Ultimately, your work ethic is there, so you dream big and WILL see the results. You are greatly appreciated for the things you do to ensure that you will be successful.

This is one of my favourite quotes by Ali (it hangs in my house) and sums up what I believe:

“The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses – behind the lines, in the gym and out there on the road, long before I dance under those lights.”

You put in the effort ensuring that your goals and dreams will come true. That is why you can believe.

Great post 🙂

Thanks for your comment, George. I agree that believing may not be enough and that it’s truly takes work to achieve your goals and dreams. For me, it’s a starting place to believe in everything I do and know I’m doing the best job possible. That’s why I chose ‘believe’. Hopefully with believing, combined with hard work and a strong work ethic, all things are possible.

I love your quote… very powerful and insightful!


“believe” is such a powerful word. it’s gonna unlock some incredible things in you and in your life this year.

happy 2011!

Thanks for your comment, Alece! Happy New Year to you too! 2011 is going to be fabulous!

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