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Good To Gold!

Posted on: February 11, 2011

Lori-Ann Muenzer.  Canada’s first Olympic Gold Medallist in Cycling.  Athens, Greece.  2004.  What a story!!

On our first day of Teachers’ Convention today, I attended Lori-Ann Muenzer‘s keynote speech entitled “Good To Gold! Achieving a Gold Medal Mind” where she spoke of the need to dream and how her dream took her to winning a gold medal in cycling in 2004.  She was a great speaker and told a great story of her journey of winning gold at 38 years of age.  She reminded us that dreams can begin small (like on her toddler-sized tricycle) but they all need to begin somewhere.  I enjoyed listening to her stories of competition and what it’s like to be a World Cup and Olympic athlete.  I am interested in purchasing and reading her book, “One Year, No Breaks” too.

A classy, humble, strong-willed, inspiring, and motivating woman.  Thank you, Lori-Ann.

I have always loved the quote (so much that it is under my high-school graduation picture in my Grade 12 yearbook!!): “No dreamer is ever too small.  No dream is ever too big.”  This quote is exactly what kept going through my mind throughout her speech.  The reminder that it all begins somewhere and when it gets tough, you need to work a bit harder or take a different approach, but don’t ever give up.

Now I can’t say that my dream is to be an Olympic athlete in any sport.  I’ll leave that to the true athletes of the world!  I do, however, want to continue running and possibly run a few more races this year.  Something for me.  Something I can work hard at to achieve.  For myself.  I’ve ran only one 10km race, maybe a few more 10km’s and then a half next?  Setting my sights high, just as Lori-Ann encouraged!

I like to believe I work hard.  I love my job and always try to put 110% forward.  Does it mean that I’m always successful in every lesson or every new endeavour?  Of course not, but I know it’s all about learning and continually striving to be better.  That’s what teaching is all about for me.  Learning right along with the kids with new technologies, new experiences, and learning from mistakes.  I dream to always do my best and help my students achieve success.  I also hope that all kids will find their dreams too and strive to reach them.

“Reach for the moon.  Even if you don’t make it, you’ll still land among the stars.”

What’s your dream?


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