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Posted on: February 19, 2011

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Never in my life have I considered myself to be very “tech-savvy”.  While I like to play around with different programs, I haven’t ventured outside of my comfort zone very often.  This has all changed this school year for me.  I talked in my first post on my new blog about taking risks and not being afraid of everything not being perfect.  I think I’ve come a long way since even the beginning of September and am very proud of continuing my learning in order to become a better teacher for my students.

I am very excited to be part of a new opportunity!  Through Twitter (yes, I’m completely addicted and a Twitter geek now since joining over Christmas break!) I was connected with a Lead Tech Teacher in Mobile, Alabama.  The 3rd grade teachers in her school were looking to connect with a teacher and class in Canada, as they study North America this semester.  I jumped right on board and offered our class to connect with them.  What a perfect opportunity for my grade three students to connect with third graders from Alabama!  We are going to video chat through GMail on Tuesday morning and learn more about a community that is different from ours in several aspects.  This will be great for our students to learn about and appreciate an American city far away from small town Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada!

After our initial chat on Tuesday morning, the students and teachers are going to communicate through Edmodo!  I have never used Edmodo before and decided that I had two options.  I could jump in and learn as we go on an exciting new adventure or shy away from anything new.  Of course, I decided to jump in.  We now have an Edmodo page set up and I’m excited to share it and teach it to my students as a means of communicating and remaining in contact with the third graders in Mobile, Alabama!

So, I’m jumping in with Edmodo.  I know it will excite and engage my students.  Learning that is authentic and personal (especially with other children their own age!) is good.  No, not good, it’s great!


6 Responses to "Jump In!"

I really enjoyed the post Lesley, and I agree that the best watt is to jump right in and try it. Why not, is tat not what we often ask our kids to do when learning so ethnic like fractions. It is great to see that you and your students are using edmodo, trust me your kids will love it and after awhile will be asking to use it all the time, even to talk to you.

I look forward to reading more about your classes as well as your adventure with your new found friends in Alabama. Sounds like an amazing opportunity.

Thanks for your comment, Shawn! We are loving Edmodo so far!!

In many ways this could have been my story. I have always been pretty good with technology, but have never considered myself savvy. Three weeks ago I took the plunge in to twitter and blogging…now I wish I would have done it 2 yrs ago! Jumping in is good advice…just do it. Reminds me of the saying “Ignorance on fire is better than knowledge on ice.” We’re all smart people…we’ll figure it out as we go. The biggest hurdle is having the courage to jump it and get started. Now I have to find out what Edmodo is! Thanks for a great post.

Thanks so much for your comment, Tom! I hope you’re enjoying Twitter and blogging… it has been fantastic for me as a teacher and the PD is 24/7! Have fun with Edmodo… we are loving it so far!

What a wonderful post!! Your willingness to take risks and go outside if your comfort zone is a wonderful gift for your students. By embracing opportunities without worrying about perfection you are showing your students that they too can take risks and learn from new experiences.

From a selfish standpoint I, of course, am extremely grateful for your willingness to take on this adventure because out third grade students and teachers are directly benefitting from it! :). Thank you for allowing us to meet your students and continue a connection throughout the year. Out students are extremely excited about the connection they are making with your students. Yesterday was wonderful!! I am excited to see what the future holds for our Stoney Plains-Mobile buddies.

Thank you, Kelli! I appreciate your comment and am loving the changes that are happening in our school and classroom lately. The kids are so excited and think it’s no big deal to skype/video chat… crazy!

You’re not selfish at all… we are happy to be part of the project and I’m glad it has already proven to be successful! Edmodo is going great! Talk soon 🙂

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